As part of our effort to address the opioid issue, we are making available to you information that you can share with your patients and their families at the time prescriptions are written.  We have this information on our web site under the “opioid” tab.

For patients, we have information on how to safely dispose of unused prescriptions (opioids and other pharmaceticals) at home; in addition, we’re working with the West Virginia Retailers Association and the West Virginia Association of Counties to identify pharmacy and law enforcement locations around the state that have on-going drug take-back opportunities.  These are in addition to the DEA drug take-back days across the state twice each year.  This information is useful not only if a patient doesn’t completely use a prescription or in the unfortunate possibility that medication needs to be removed when a family member or friend can no longer live in their residence.

For physicians, we have a business card you can download.  The cards currently contain the WV Orthopaedic Society logo and contact information, but you can substitute your practice logo and address for the WVOS information.  These can be printed on Avery or other brand business cards that contain 10 cards per page.