Bricks & Barrels was the host site for the Charleston membership gathering.

WVOS Director Ereny Bishara, our newest member Peter Bishara, Jason Castle, John Pierson and Clark Adkins enjoyed interacting with new colleagues.

Jory Gotham, Freddie Persinger and Matt Stover enjoyed time away from work.

WVOS Director Karim Boukhemis shares stories with Jenna Townsend, Peter Bishara, Jason Castle and John Pierson.

Our South Charleston members Bruce Haupt, Freddie Persinger, Matt Stover and Phil Surface compared notes at Bricks & Barrels.

Stryker’s David Hawkins enjoyed the evening with Paul Legg, Manny Molina, Vivek Neginhal, Tony Majestro and Karim Boukhemis.

Jenna Townsend takes a moment out from the conversation with WVOS Director Ereny Bishara, her brother and newest WVOS member Peter Bishara and Jason Castle.

Nearly 25 orthopaedic practitioners gathered at Bricks & Barrels in September, where Clark Adkins is visiting with our host, Ryan Wentz of Stryker (far right).

Matt Parsons and Jory Gotham visited with Bruce Haupt.

Our host, Ryan Wentz of Stryker, enjoyed time with WVOS Director Paul Legg and Clark Adkins.

The food flowed all evening and everyone enjoyed the time together.

WVOS President Manny Molina and Membership Chair Vivek Neginhal discuss the successful gathering that drew nearly 25 orthopaedists and PAs.