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Monday, March 4, 2019


Day 55



And down the stretch, they come!

As we face the final week, we are getting prepared for a budget conference in which the House and Senate versions of the budget will be negotiated.


We are also working with the House to blend its version of the broadband bill into Senate Bill 3. The foster care overhaul bill will be in Senate Finance this week, and the organ donor bill allowing those applying for hunting and fishing licenses to register as donors will be in House Judiciary.


Our team will be working with members on a county pay raise bill, which is funded by county funds, not state funds; and we are working on a delay in order to fix the automatic voter registration process at the DMV.


A bill providing fire service equipment and training is moving through the Senate, as is a bill that increases refunds of excise taxes collected from petroleum products.


Finally, the State is looking to fix the banking issue for handling funds associated with medical cannabis.


Watch your inbox for updates to these bill and others.


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Some information in this update is collected from the WV Legislature’s Daily/Weekly Blogs.

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