February 1, 2019
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Friday, February 1, 2019


Day 24



House passes Foster Care and other bills


House Bill 2010, the bill to reform the foster care system in West Virginia passed through the House of Delegates today and will be advanced to the Senate for further consideration.


Other bills that were passed through the House include House Bill 2324, a bill to allow licensing for auricular acupuncture in the state, and House Bill 2503, a bill would amend court action in abuse and neglect cases.


House Bill 2503 would amend a current statute that requires the state to pay for counsel for parents involved in abuse and neglect parents, even parents who aren’t at risk for losing parental rights. House Bill 2503 would require the DHHR to identify parents in state abuse and neglect cases as being “offending” and “non-offending”, and would therefore not require the state to pay for counsel to represent the non-offending parents in court.


House Bill 2521, a bill permitting the sale of fur-bearer parts, was also passed. This bill would allow for the legal purchasing, trading, and selling of animal male genitalia bones.



Omnibus Education Bill passes Committee of the Whole


Prior to meeting as the Committee of the Whole, the Senate met for an early session and passed Senate Bill 199 (Bundle 9) is the largest rule bundle with over 32 rules related to miscellaneous agencies and boards to promulgate legislative rules; and Senate Bill 187 (Bundle 7) with 12 rules mostly related to the State Tax Department, lottery rules, and racing also passed.


The Senate also passed SB 256 and SB 297. Senate Bill 256 would allow certain deductions from individual personal income tax refund. Senate Bill 297 would extend expiration of military members’ spouses’ driver’s license.


The Senate resolved themselves once again into the Committee on the Whole where it heard one more testimony before bypassing discussion and proposal of amendments. The bill passed by a vote of 18 to 16, and was reported to the full Senate where it was read for the first time.

Senator Patricia Rucker discusses education bill with Finance Committee staff members Chris DeWitte and Jeff Johnson. Photo by Craig Hudson published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail



Judiciary Committee reports three bills to Senate


The Senate Judiciary Committee met Thursday afternoon to review three bills on the agenda.


Senate Bill 157, Bundle 2, would authorize the Department of Administration to promulgate a legislative rule relating to purchasing.


Senate Bill 175, Bundle 5, would add more information to the Collection and Exchange of Data Related to Overdoses. The bill directly relates to SB 272 which was passed in the 2018 Regular Session. The bill would include hospital emergency rooms and departments to the list of mandatory reporters.


Senate Bill 387 would update provisions authorizing the Governor to seek the return of fugitives who have been convicted of a crime, have violated bail, probation, parole, or have been improperly released from confinement when those persons flee to another state or to the District of Columbia.


All three bills were reported to the Senate to be voted upon.



Banking & Insurance Discusses Medical Cannabis Act


On Thursday’s edition of WV Public Broadcasting’s The Legislature Today, Dave Mistich reports on Banking and Insurance Committee’s actions regarding the Medical Cannabis Act.. He interviews Eric Nelson, the chairman of the committee, and Delegate Isaac Sponagle about protections in the bill for Department of Treasury employees.
The House Banking and Insurance Committee met Thursday advancing a bill relating to medical cannabis banking.


The bill, House Bill 2538 seeks to provide banking services for services provided under the West Virginia Medical Cannabis Act. The State Treasurer’s office found that BB&T along with other banks were unwilling to accept medical cannabis funds. This bill would encourage credit unions to accept these funds. After some brief discussion over the bill, the committee advanced the bill, which next heads to the Judiciary Committee.


The committee also advanced:

·    House Bill 2608, which would repeal the requirement of printing the date a consumer deposit account was opened on paper checks.

·    House Bill 2609, which relates to presumptions of abandonment and indication of ownership in property.

·    House Bill 2647, the Self-Storage Limited License Act. which creates a limited insurance license for owners of self-service facilities to issue self-service storage insurance to occupants who lease or rent storage units.

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