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Study Assesses Heterotopic Ossification Risk in Dual Mobility Cup Versus Conventional THR

A retrospective study published online in Injury compared heterotopic ossification risk among femoral neck fracture patients who underwent dual mobility cup (DMC) versus conventional total hip replacement (THR). A total of 223 DMC (mean age, 72.3 years) and 111 convention THR (mean age, 72.1 years) patients were included. The DMC group had a higher rate of heterotopic ossification compared to the conventional THR group (27.1 percent versus 12.2 percent). Gender and age did not largely impact heterotopic ossification risk in either cohort.

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Study: Effect of Trauma Recovery Services on Patient Satisfaction

According to a study published in the July 15 issue of the Journal of the AAOS ®, utilization of Trauma Recovery Services (TRS) improved overall care ratings. The study included 294 patients operatively treated for extremity fractures who reported satisfaction after 12 months per a telephone survey; questions were rated on a five-point Likert scale, with “five” meaning excellent. A total of 88 patients used TRS. Mean overall satisfaction score was 4.32. TRS patients were more likely to sustain high-energy mechanisms (81 percent versus 56 percent) and have associated psychiatric illness (33 percent versus 17 percent). General TRS exposure independently predicted higher overall care ratings.

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Study: Outcomes Following Arthroscopic Medial Knot-tying After Suture-bridge RCR

A study published online in The American Journal of Sports Medicine observed good outcomes after arthroscopic medial knot-tying following suture-bridge lateral row rotator cuff repair (RCR). A total of 384 shoulders (373 patients) were included and followed for a mean 29 months. Upon postoperative MRI, most repairs (n = 324; 84.4 percent) were successful; 60 retears (15.6 percent) were reported. Two-thirds of retears (n = 40) had type one failure; the remaining 20 had type two failure. The type two failure group had significantly lower postoperative Japanese Orthopaedic Association and University of California, Los Angeles scores compared to other patients.

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Study: Wide-awake Versus General Anesthesia for Arthroscopic Wrist Ganglion Treatment

A study published online in BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders compared cost and efficacy between wide-awake anesthesia versus general anesthesia for arthroscopic excision of wrist ganglions. Seventy-four patients were retrospectively reviewed. Postoperative visual analog scale score; modified Mayo wrist score; Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand score; recurrence; residual pain; and complications did not largely differ between the groups. Recurrence occurred in one wide-awake local anesthesia no tourniquet patient (4.3 percent) and four general anesthesia patients (7.8 percent); the average costs were €487.40 and €878.70, respectively.

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COVID-19 Updates

Medicaid and CHIP Deadline Extended for Provider Relief Funds

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that the deadline for Medicaid and CHIP providers to apply for grants through the Provider Relief Fund has been extended to Aug. 3. In the same statement, HHS announced the distribution of $10 billion during a second round of financial relief for hospitals significantly impacted by COVID-19. Hospitals with more than 161 COVID-19 admissions between Jan. 1 and June 10, with one admission per day, or whose COVID-19 admissions were greater than the average ratio of COVID-19 admissions per bed will receive $50,000 per eligible admission.

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July AAOS Now Is Now Available Online

AAOS members will soon receive the print edition of the July issue of AAOS Now, but the electronic edition is already available on the AAOS Now website and on iOS and Android devices through the AAOS Access app. This month’s issue highlights include financial fears and the COVID-19 response, the cons of alternative payment models for joint replacement, what to expect at an upcoming course on whiplash, and more.

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Nominations Are Open for the 2021 Diversity Award

The Diversity Award recognizes an AAOS Active Fellow or Emeritus Fellow who has distinguished themselves through their outstanding commitment to making orthopaedics more representative of and accessible to the diverse population it serves. View Diversity Award criteria here. Questions about the AAOS Awards should be directed to The deadline to submit a nomination is Aug. 7.

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