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July 30, 2022

Extraordinary Session Follow-up






Senate focuses on property tax reforms


Senators passed a resolution that supports cutting personal property taxes and gave no indication they would consider the income tax reduction Governor Jim Justice pushed in a special session, WVMetroNews reported.


The resolution is called “Relating to meaningful tax reform and relief.” Click here to read the resolution.


Senate leaders said the resolution came about because the special session call would not allow deviation from what the Governor proposed.


“We really didn’t get to consider this this session as a bill because the call that we’re under right now introduced a bill just on income tax, and it’s very specific and the four corners of that call were just the bill itself that the Governor gave us, which was a 10% income tax cut,” Senate Finance Chairman Eric Tarr said.


“Had we had the opportunity, as requested multiple times ahead of this session to speak with the Governor, we would have had a chance to introduce this before we were actually called in and got that notification with the rest of the state on the news.”


Senate leaders have said they support an income tax cut, but they have wanted to continue laying the groundwork for a personal property tax cut for automobiles and businesses’ machinery and inventory. Moving on that depends on the outcome of a November vote by citizens on a proposed constitutional amendment.


Click here to read more from WVMetroNews.



Governor promotes income tax reduction


Gov. Jim Justice issued a statement Friday after the West Virginia Senate declined to take up his proposal to permanently reduce the personal income tax by 10%:

“I continue to believe with all in me that West Virginia can be like Florida, Texas, and Tennessee — with a booming economy and population, built on people moving into states with no personal income tax. We have the best people, best natural resources, four of the best seasons, and are located within a rock’s throw of two-thirds of our country’s population. Without a personal income tax, our potential is limitless.”






On the floor
Senator Tom Takubo of Kanawha County speaks on the Senate floor during the recent extraordinary session.


Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Legislature


Legislation stalls; agreement elusive


West Virginia lawmakers moved an abortion bill to the brink of passage late Friday, but both chambers, unable to agree, adjourned with no final resolution, WVMetroNews said.


The House majority disagreed with changes the Senate made and called for a conference committee to work out differences. Then they went home.


After a week of disagreements, protests, anger, and policymaking, nothing is set.


Before everybody left Friday night, West Virginia senators passed a bill restricting abortion 21-10, with some members of the Republican majority voting for it even though they said it doesn’t go far enough They said they hoped delegates would tighten it up.


Senators made significant changes from legislation the House passed earlier in the week. The biggest change resulted from an 18-13 vote to strip criminal penalties for medical providers out of the bill.


House members are saying privately they will not pass a bill without criminal penalties.


Click here to read coverage from WVMetroNews.




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