The rapidly unfolding COVID-19 pandemic requires the rapid identification and implementation of large scale action. Through a systematic mapping review of published policies and guidelines we aim to examine current recommendations relevant to orthopaedic management during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through constantly updated, critical review, we aimed to put forth evidence-based principles to guide musculoskeletal (MSK) care in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.


Key Directives

Keep up-to-date on evolving clinical guidelines and local capacity issues relative to pandemic severity
Prevent unnecessary PPE use, and have contingency plans for shortages
Surgical activity should be based on projected pandemic severity and health system capacity
Consider only proceeding with urgent or emergent surgical cases while postponing elective surgery
Only perform interventions with documented superior treatment effects over non-operative management.
Discuss semi urgent/controversial cases among your team before determining definitive management.
Prevent unnecessary follow-up/clinic visits.


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