Legislative advocacy and its importance to orthopaedic surgeons

Hallway inside West Virginia State Capitol, Charleston, West Virginia, USA

Politics, love it or hate it, is important to your daily practice!  From your medical license to your DEA registration to your Medicare reimbursements, all are based on underlying legislation and regulation that shouldn’t happen in a vacuum.  This session is not about politicians or parties, but about the legislative process and your place in it.

Our panelists will be:

  • Special Guest Congresswoman Carol Miller
  • Senator Ron Stollings, MD
  • Delegate Matthew Rorhbach, MD
  • WV State Medical Association Executive Director John Law

They will discuss the legislative process, how best to share your point of view with your elected officials and how successful legislation becomes the governing regulation (where the devil can be in the details).

Join us by Zoom on Thursday, October 20, at 7:00 p.m. when Advocacy Chairman Ret Topping will moderate this enlightening panel.

This topic is good for residents and orthopaedists in academic, hospital or private practice settings.  This is a valuable session for everyone.

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